Old Firehouse Winery
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Champagne flute Firehouse logo
Champagne flute Firehouse logo We never wanted to retire our first logo, so we keep it alive on our 6 ounce Champagne flute.


Tie Dyed
Tie Dyed We think someone was buzzed when they ordered this Tie-dyed 1 ounce shot glass with Old Firehouse Winery on it. So relive the sixties with this inexpensive flashback.

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Pocket Cork screw Firehouse Winery
Pocket Cork screw Firehouse Winery Don't ever get caught without a corkscrew. Small and lightweight, it does the trick, And it says Old Firehouse Winery, and in more colors than you need. Affordable too!

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Dalmatian etched 14 Oz. Wine glass
Dalmatian etched 14 Oz. Wine glass Our biggest, boldest Dalmatian wine glass for bold red wines. 14 ounce of joy and our beloved Dalmatian "Corky" is "etched" onto the glass.


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